Procedure – Lower Spine

Controlled Ablation Technology
Innovative, proven, class leading, patented technology

The RF-powered plasma field at the tip of the tissue-sparing 17G SpineWand offers micro-invasive access, and precision control, allowing the physician to gently ablate a small volume of tissue within the nucleus, to decompress the disc and surrounding nerve structures within the lower spine. Controlled ablation allows for gentle, targeted removal of nucleus tissue without using heat, therefore helping prevent damage to adjacent structures8

8 Chen YC, Lee S-H, Saenz Y, Lehman NL. Histologic findings of disc, end plate and neural elements after coblation of nucleus pulposus: an experimental nucleoplasty study. Spine J. Nov-Dec 2003;3(6):466-70.​

Utilising a micro-access 17G needle for the lower spine, the SpineWand can be used to safely and effectively decompress contained disc herniations.

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